Top 10 HERstorical Figures

History is littered with great men doing great things, but sometimes (well more often than not) the women of history are overshadowed by the men in their stories. To counter this the internet has become full of 'Herstory' posts, and I love it - but now I want to add my two pence... So, here … Continue reading Top 10 HERstorical Figures

1,000 Words – Mother

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think I could write a million about this picture. The picture below is of my mother, and for those who know me personally know that she is one of my best friends and my biggest supporter (alongside my dad but that is a … Continue reading 1,000 Words – Mother

Secret Santa 101

"An arrangement in which each person in a group buys a Christmas present for one other person, without the person knowing who bought the present" - Cambridge Dictionary. Secret Santa is a festive staple in many workplaces across the globe, it is a great opportunity to buy a great present for a colleague or friend without breaking the bank while getting to know someone you might not have conversed with a lot … Continue reading Secret Santa 101