Lemon-Berry Cocktail Recipe

My mum asked me to make her a cocktail on Christmas Eve and I came up with this tasty little recipe that I call the Lemon-Berry Cocktail... It's refreshing enough to have any time of year (I can image it in a pitcher on the garden table with a few mint leaves in the summer!) … Continue reading Lemon-Berry Cocktail Recipe

SMART New Year’s Resolutions | 2020

New year's resolutions always seem to fail and I think the main reason for this is that they are too broad...  For example, 'I am going to get healthy' is a statement that is too broad but 'complete the couch to 5k by March' is  a SMART target - it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic … Continue reading SMART New Year’s Resolutions | 2020

Secret Santa 101

"An arrangement in which each person in a group buys a Christmas present for one other person, without the person knowing who bought the present" - Cambridge Dictionary. Secret Santa is a festive staple in many workplaces across the globe, it is a great opportunity to buy a great present for a colleague or friend without breaking the bank while getting to know someone you might not have conversed with a lot … Continue reading Secret Santa 101