Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year, everyone seems happier and it is a great time for the family to get together and share memories and a few laughs (plus a tipple or two).  Now each family/ person is different and will have different traditions, read on to find out my Christmas traditions and … Continue reading Christmas Traditions

Secret Santa 101

"An arrangement in which each person in a group buys a Christmas present for one other person, without the person knowing who bought the present" - Cambridge Dictionary. Secret Santa is a festive staple in many workplaces across the globe, it is a great opportunity to buy a great present for a colleague or friend without breaking the bank while getting to know someone you might not have conversed with a lot … Continue reading Secret Santa 101

7 Winter-Inspired Cocktails I Can’t Wait to Try

Every year; me, my boyfriend (Aiden), my cousin (Mary-Kate), and her boyfriend (Jason) all get together and have an early Christmas. What is an ‘Early Christmas’ I hear you ask? Well, we get together about a week before Christmas, exchange presents, have a mini Christmas dinner, listen to festive tunes, and always wear something Christmasy! … Continue reading 7 Winter-Inspired Cocktails I Can’t Wait to Try