Welcome to Simply Georgina!

Simply Georgina is a place where I can collate my thoughts and opinions on fashion, beauty, food, travel, and much more!

This is a hub where you can read, get inspired and subscribe to get updates direct to your inbox.

About Georgina

I’m the voice behind Simply Georgina, a hobby for nights and weekends while I am working as an Email Marketing Assistant and studying with the Open University. I live in Coventry UK, with my parents. My favourite things in life are good brews, bad jokes and cosy jumpers.

In this space I write about everything from places I have been (and places I want to go!), my thoughts, favourite things, plus much more! I want to inspire my readers to try something new or get creative discovering new things.

Happy browsing!

Love, Georgina x

Here’s 15 ‘mildly interesting’ facts about me…

  1. Birthday: 11th August – Where’s all my Leo’s at??
  2. Lived in the same house my entire life
  3. Only child – only child syndrome is real people!
  4. I HATE cinnamon and coriander – the Devil’s herbs and spices if you ask me
  5. First gig: Paul McCartney in Birmingham, UK – I cried
  6. Favourite colour: burnt orange
  7. I take my tea builders with no sugar
  8. and my coffee dependent on how I feel that day
  9. TV series binger – if it has several seasons with loads of episodes, I’m down
  10. Favourite perfume: Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
  11. Hair Colour: Currently blonde but my favourite is auburn
  12. Eye colour: Blue
  13. I have ten fingers and ten toes
  14. Fanta Lemon is a way of life
  15. I get super-excited whenever anyone subscribes to my blog

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