This Radio Silence…

First things first, I would like to apologise for my silence over the last couple of weeks.

My blog is something that I enjoy doing more and more as time has gone on, however due to the world grinding to a halt I needed time to myself and not feel the pressure of creating content. A lot of my content for this year was based on travel and event plans we had, which understandable have been cancelled – I needed time to realign my plans and figure out in which direction I wanted to take my writing.

After some soul searching, research, or whatever you want to call it I decided that I was just going to write about what I enjoy with a peppering of things I think you may enjoy – it’s not the most ideal plan, but it is the plan that will make me happy.

So, here are some of the topics that I will be covering for the foreseeable (or until the world returns to some normality)…

  • At-home beauty products/ Self-care
  • Virtual tours
  • Local community
  • Loungewear looks
  • Boosting productivity
  • Elevating your home
  • Home office tips/ transitioning from office to home
  • Easy recipes
  • My marketing portfolio
  • HERstory
  • Monthly Favourites – restarting June 2020

Along with the topics above, I will also be working on a re-brand in the background – so expect a new look in the next couple of weeks!

While my blog has remained relatively silent – I have been updating my followers on Instagram and Facebook. Give them a follow if you can’t wait for the next update.

Thank you for your continued support,

Georgina xo

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