Faux Freckles

It’s the start of week 2 of the UK lockdown, and I am losing the plot. Warning this post contains a lot of pictures containing my face…

This evening I reached into my makeup box with the plan to recreate an old trend I’ve always wanted to do and never had the time, no, disposition to actually do it – but tonight was the night!

Plus, I wanted to look like this Snapchat filter – Faux freckles here we come!

Round 1

So with my maybelline tattoo brow tint in hand I got dotting and… it was tragic.

The placement was, quite frankly, a joke and the size of the freckles – I can’t, I wanted to cry. But I let it develop and the results left a lot to be desired.

I looked like I had a bad case of smallpox in Tudor England and my lead face paint wasn’t cutting it. Time for a very rigorous face cleaning using my favourite neutrogena face wash and a quick exfoliate, then I was back to the drawing board (aka my face).

Round 2

Placement, good!

10 nervous minutes later and I am now a walking snapchat filter – and I am super happy about it!

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