Mother’s Day Gift Guide | Under £20

Sunday, 22 March 2020, Mothering Sunday, Mothers Day

Before I go into this post I would just like to say that Mothers Day is not mandatory – you do not have to celebrate this day if you don’t want to, and you not need a reason to not want to.

I personally love mothers day, I love celebrating my mum and everything she has done for me – I am privileged to have her in my life. You can find out more about my mum here.

But for those who do want to celebrate this day, I have pulled together a quick and easy gift guide. Everything on this list can be delivered straight to your doorstep – or theirs if you live far away.

Foiled Notebook

Not On The High Street – £12.95

If your mum likes journalling, works in an office, or likes a good list – this snazzy notebook is something she can show off. Plus you can personalise it to a very fine degree making this a truly personal gift (colour, name, foiling, lined or blank, message on the inside).

Cocktail Party Game

I Want One Of Those – £11.99

Is your mum a cool mum? or does she just like a bev or two? This is the perfect gift for any mum who likes a good party game! What I love about this game is you get to make the cocktails yourself and collect ingredients, such a great take on an age-old activity.

Suede Mule Slippers

Next – £20

When Uggs are out of the price range, these Next Mule Slippers are the next best thing (see what I did there, ey). They come in an array of colours with cushioning and are perfect for a lazy mothering Sunday – or any other day of the week to be honest.

Ten Reasons You Are Wonderful 

Not On The High Street – £20

Can’t count the number of reasons your mum is wonderful? Pick out ten and write them down on these wonderful keepsake cards. They come in a little gift box and are fully personalised. I got my mum some a couple of years back, and I had so much fun picking out memories and quirks to feature.

Overnight Hand Butter 

Boots – £6.67 

Does your mum work hard and deserves a little pamper? Or do you just want treat her to a little at home pamper while you cook her up a brunch? Maybe you want to get two sets and have a girly afternoon/evening? These overnight Hand Butter gloves are fantastic and with a low price tag you can get all the girls involved.

Wonder Woman Bowl 

I Want One Of Those – £6.99

A wonder bowl for a wonder woman – make her some breakfast in bed in her new bowl to let your mum know that she is your superhero and nothing will change that.

Peas in a Pod Necklace

Not On The High Street – £16 

Do people always say you are a younger version of your mother? Are you ‘peas in a pod’? This super cute and affordable necklace is the perfect little statement piece, and because of its unique design you can always guarantee everyone will ask her where she got it and its meaning.

Mama Bear Mug 

Next – £20

I’m a mug fiend (and also a little bit of a mug but that’s a whole different blog post), but look at all this cuteness – get your mama bear a mama bear mug! I think I want one myself.

Personalised Chocolates 

Thorntons – £15

And when all else fails, get some chocolates in a personalised box and use the spare change to get some flowers.

But remember… your time is more valuable than anything! Get your boots on and go for a walk, cook her dinner, give her a call.

P.S. Mum, if  you’re reading this… your present isn’t on this list x 

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