February Favourites | 2020

January felt like a long month, but February was technically longer than normal… 

I’m really sorry about the naff joke, but I couldn’t help myself! And better late than never, here are my February favourites.

Gel nails at home 

So, in a bid to save some money, get creative and spend some more time with my mum, I have learnt (self taught, and I am 100% not a professional!) how to do gel nails at home. They tend to last 3-4 weeks and that’s pretty good in my books. Every couple of weeks I do my mums nails with an aim to stop her picking and biting at them, and now they are long and she is going for darker colours instead of her typical nude – super proud of her.

I use this light from Amazon to cure my nails (affiliate link).

Cupcakes at the office! 

We moved to a new part of the building and our Director got us New Home/Welcome cupcakes and we got to have a cuppa and natter for half an hour while we enjoyed them and they were good. I had an Oreo one and it made me so happy. The frosting had bits of cookie in and there was a chocolate filling – it just melted in your mouth. Ahhh I wish I had one right now!

The cupcakes were supplied by Cherry Lane Bakes, I have linked their website and please take a browse – I have fallen in love with the Sunflower Cupcakes on their homepage and need some for my birthday!!

New face routine 

I have mixed up my face routine and I have started using a new moisturiser duo – the Anew Perfect Skin from Avon. My mum has always used this brand, they split their products by age brackets and details what each of them do. I am using the pink one which is 25+ (I am technically 6 months off 25 but I’m looking tired), and I’m typically fussy about face creams but this stuff is bomb.

I can highly recommend to anyone my age looking for a new face cream or if you wanna try the different ranges they are affordable and easy to get a hold of.

Favourite podcast 

When I am working I can’t listen to music, but I am can listen to words to audiobooks and podcasts are some of my go to background noise (and when all else fails then something on TV). Just before Christmas I stumbled upon a fantastic podcast from BBC Radio 4 called ‘You’re Dead To Me’ – it’s not as grim as it sounds! Each episode is around 45-50 minutes long and they focus on an area of history e.g. LGBQT History, Boudica, and most recently the Ancient Olympics.

Greg Jenner (of Horrible Histories) presents along with a historian with a speciality in the subject and also a comedian – I laugh out loud at least once per episode which is quite amusing when I’m in a quiet office.

Anyway, give it a listen and let me know what you think!

Honorable mention… 

Here’s my favourite song/concept at the moment – I mean Taylor is just fantastic at making a statement.

2 thoughts on “February Favourites | 2020

    • Hey! February was a good month and March is looking to be an interesting one – I can’t believe how fast the year is going after a slow January! Hope you’re having a great month x


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