Inhaler, Cider & Cocktails | Birmingham 2020

Inhaler are a band formed in Dublin and are taking the indie scene by storm.

I got Aiden tickets for this gig as a Christmas present as they were performing at a packed O2 Academy in Birmingham. We got e-tickets because I couldn’t wait for postage and I wanted to do something *special* so I designed him his own ticket which had information about our travel arrangements and the gig – I even managed to get the live QR code!





The O2 Academy in Birmingham is a great venue, we have seen several people there including Gerry Cinnamon among a few other faces – it is a short walk from the station and right in the thick of things. It is one of my favourite venues to go to. The only downfall is the price of a pint, but it is what it is.

So, the support for the night was a Coventry band called FEET, and let me tell you I have never heard or seen anything like them on stage before. If you get a chance to ever see them – GO! They are fantastic and had me mesmerised from the start. Their unique style, sound and energy made the start of the night fantastic.

Then Inhaler took the stage and the crowd went crazy – I think there was even a mosh pit at one point. I can’t find the words to describe what Inhaler is like on stage – compared to the energy of FEET before them they were smooth, laidback and just belted out track after track.

A member of the band even came down and joined the crowd at one point – I’m gutted I didn’t get more videos or images but I was just having too good a time to think about the pictures!

Here is Inhalers’s Spotify page is anyone hasn’t heard them and wants to take a ganger. 

And one of their most popular tracks – Ice Cream Sundae:

After the gig, we started to wander back to the station and decided that if anywhere took our fancy we would pop in and we walked past this pizza and cider place that was just screaming my name! We didn’t have any of the pizza although I did browse the menu and was very impressed (it’s made the shortlist for my birthday night out).

The Birmingham Stable are cider loving pizza makers and they really do – I told the guy behind the bar that I wanted a pressed cider with a floral taste but not too sweet and not too dry and he delivered!! I am gutted I got no pictures of the place and I can’t remember the name of the cider because I need to know (it’s an excuse to go back that’s for sure). Aiden had a cider that tasted like a pint of prosecco, so he was happy too.

The last-orders bell rang and we drank up then continued our walk back to the station – we popped into All Bar One outside new Street station, and with half an hour till our train we wanted the cocktail to be a good one. So we asked the barman Liam to create us our own cocktail. He asked what we like and we said whisky, not too sweet and this is what he created…

Now I’m not sure what was in it bar Drambuie and Monkey Shoulder, but it tasted fantastic, the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Give Liam a shout if you’re in the area!

Finally on the train home, and a cheeky McDonalds to settle the stomach before sleep – Birmingham was fantastic and spontaneous and full of little gems. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

And as a cheeky extra – here’s a couple of the pictures I managed to get that night…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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