Changing My Sleep Routine | Gifted

I have spoken a lot about my sleep routine and how it is a little out of whack.

My sleeping (or lack thereof) has been mentioned in my Organisation, Productivity & Me post and also my SMART Resolutions post, and if truth be told I needed a kick up the bum to start this new routine.

Then right on cue… Sleep Master gifted me their Deluxe Sleep Master Sleep Mask.

I was dubious at first as I didn’t like the thought of something covering my face – this is why I had never tried using a sleep mask before but something about the look of this one changed my mind… I mean just LOOK at how beautiful this is! From the colour to the satin material I was ready to nap!

I took this one night at a time and over four nights I refreshed my sleep routine with a view of making myself more *refreshed*.

Night 1

I started by doing the usual hygiene bits, planned my outfit for the next day, grabbed my book and a brew then settled down. After an hour I started to feel sleepy so I seized the Sleep Master and put it on – it sat perfectly, didn’t feel like a weight on my face, and blocked all the light and muffled the sound – I tested this with my TV and light on! It comes with reusable earplugs (and a built-in pocket to store them!)  but I didn’t use these.

Waking up felt good – the mask stayed on all night (I like a good fidget so this was a plus) and I genuinely felt it was a fluke so I thought I would try it again.

Night 2

Same as night one, I got settled popped on the mask and dozed – again I woke up feeling great with the mask still firmly in place.

Night 3

I got intrigued by the satin material and how this would react with my hair – my hair is a kind of in-between straight and curly (frizzy) thick mess half the time and I was worried about if I used the mask while my hair was damp would it kink or frizz more…

Same as previous nights, I settled down but this time with freshly washed, damp hair and woke up feeling great and looking great! No frizz or kinks to be seen.

Night 4

I had a little routine going on and it was fab! I was feeling better in the mornings and actually rising earlier (I normally get up 20 minutes before I’m due to leave the house) so it was nice to enjoy a cup of tea in the mornings before facing the crappy winter weather of the UK.

My thoughts overall?

This Sleep Master is fantastic and really helped me get better sleep and be more productive – I would be still in my routine of dozing off with the TV on at 4am if Sleep Master hadn’t sent me this.

The sound muffling is something that I am a big fan of – I haven’t tried it around Aiden (who has a tendency to snore) yet – but this will definitely be in my holdall when we travel to Turkey later this year.

I would actually go so far as to say this is a staple in my nighttime routine now.

If you want your own, or what to get this as a gift…

You can get your own here and it comes with reusable earplugs, a carry pouch and the mask itself. Mine didn’t come with a carry pouch but the packaging is recyclable and reusable so I will be using the baggie it came in.

Thank you to Sleep Master for changing my nap times for years to come.


3 thoughts on “Changing My Sleep Routine | Gifted

  1. Brilliant…works a treat…..really helps with this light coming into the bedroom early in the morning but ESPECIALLY drowning out my partners 😴. Thanks again Adele


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