January Favourites | 2020

Welcome to my first favourites list of 2020!

I have some exciting plans for this year, and I am even more excited for you to come along on the ride with me.

Here are some things that have made this very long January a little more tolerable…

The WetBrush 

I got this WetBrush in a Look Fantastic box that I got a couple of months ago and it was just sitting in my draw gathering dust waiting to wither go in a donation box or to be given to a friend – then I got my hair made lighter and shorter and I notice that it was tangling a lot.

Naturally I googled how to de-tangle my hair and these WetBrushes came up and voila I actually have one on hand and I WAS MISSING A TRICK!

Get yours here and change your hair brushing experience (affiliate link).

Lipton Ice Tea 

I know this is a weird one to add to a favourites list, but I had a niggly feeling that I was craving something and I couldn’t figure it out what it was… and then I figured it out Lipton Ice Tea (lemon or peach, I’m not fussy).

It reminds me of holiday and stealing sips of it from my mum when I was little – speaking of holiday, we are going to Turkey in September and I am SUPER excited!

True Blood Series 

I recently finished the reading Charlene Harris’ True Blood series (not on my reading list I know but hey-ho) and they were short but sweet reads and I really enjoyed them.

You can get them on kindle or audible so they are accessible for everyone just search amazon!

Anyway, I then found all seven series of the programme on NowTV and I am binge watching them as I type.

Honorable Mention… 

Just look at this cute photo of me and Aiden from the other weekend when we went for a meal at the Funky Bear in Mere Green.

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