Getting Comfy-Cosy

There is nothing better than being comfy-cosy with your favourite PJ’s and a hot drink while there is a gale blowing outside or the rain is pounding the windows. 

But what is ‘comfy-cosy’?

It was described by a colleague of mine as…

Imagine being sat in front of a roaring fireplace, you feel cosy right? Now imagine being sat in front of that fire in your comfiest clothes – now you’re comfy-cosy!

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

So, here are my top tips on getting comfy-cosy

1. Favourite drink (hot or cold)

I would personally go for a hot drink just because I think it is one of the cosiest drinks to have… my choices would be a Cadbury hot chocolate or a strong tea. But if I were to have a cold drink it would be a lemon ice tea.

2. PJ’s or comfy clothes

Get yourself comfy! Have a shower or bath if you want one then get yourself into some comfy clothes – the choice is yours whether you go for Pj’s or joggers and an old top. I would advise against jeans… I’ve never understood people who ‘relax’ in jeans.

3. Blanket or throw

If you’re like me you will have at least three blankets/throws to hand at all times when you’re at home, so grab one and make yourself as snug as a bug in a rug!

4. Get warm

If you’re feeling the chill, stoke the fire or pop the heating on (or even more layers and an extra blanket) – getting comfy-cosy is all about being warm and content.

5. Optional pampering

If you really want to relax then have a little pamper before you get comfy-cosy, maybe a facemask or something that makes you relax and feel refreshed.

6. final steps

Dim the lights (preferably Christmas lights if you getting comfy-cosy during the festive period), put on your favourite show, music or grab a good book and let yourself unwind.

So, there you have it! some great tips and tricks on getting comfy-cosy… let me know what you do to relax throughout the year.

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