Christmas Traditions

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year, everyone seems happier and it is a great time for the family to get together and share memories and a few laughs (plus a tipple or two). 

Now each family/ person is different and will have different traditions, read on to find out my Christmas traditions and don’t forget to let me know yours in the comments!

Decorating the house 

Me, mum, and dad always decorate the house together 12 days before Christmas – and we go all out. The house feels like Santa’s Grotto and it is fantastic. as I have grown up the ceiling decorations have been scaled down a little, but overall the house is magical and cosy with the Christmas Tree at the centre… and a snazzy Christmas hat wall.

Mum and me also decorate the tree and it has always been my job to put the angel on, unfortunately this year I was poorly with a chest infection so I didn’t get to do any of the decorations – but I have no doubt I will be roped into taking them down.

Christmas Eve 

On Christmas Eve we all stay at home and watch a Christmas film (or two!) and have a mini buffet. Christmas is my mum’s favourite time of year so she likes to have everyone home on Christmas Eve and not at the pub!

We also all open one present – this is normally PJ’s or something we can use on the night or first thing in the morning. Last year I got a new Christmas night dress and a face mask set so I could have a little pamper before I went to bed.

Aiden also joins us on Christmas Eve for a couple of hours and we exchange our presents with one another then – this is so Aiden gets to see me open the presents from him, its a lovely tradition that I always look forward too!

Special Breakfast 

On Christmas morning we all have a ‘special breakfast’ and this is something that we all fancy. My dad has scrambled eggs, mum has toast with some form of festive marmalade and I have poached eggs and gammon. Then we wash it all down with a bucks fizz!

Christmas Baking  

On Christmas Eve, or Christmas morning I always bake a selection of rolls to go with the Christmas dinner starter – this tradition started a couple of years ago and it is something that we all enjoy getting involved in. Mum will also make her famous mince pies and some fancy sausage rolls.

How my traditions have changed 

Since I met Aiden, my Christmas traditions have changed with the opening of presents on Christmas Eve and leaving the house on Christmas Day! Normally I’ll get dressed for dinner and then promptly get back into my PJ’s and get comfy-cosy in front of the TV for the rest of the evening with a sample of each of the 12 deserts that mums puts out. But now I go to Aiden’s family after dinner for an evening of drinks and games with his extended family… I did this for the first time last year and it was fantastic and a lovely way to end the day (there was even a buffet which went down a treat!).

Boxing Day 

Boxing day used to be a day spent lazing on the sofa then popping down the pub to show off all my Christmas gifts but now I spend it with Aiden. His family come round the house for a Boxing Day Breakfast, then we all fall asleep in front of the TV while the lads are at the pub.

Boxing day is always a quiet one for me because I tend to go back to work on the 27th and I am useless with a hangover.

There is one thing that I would like to make a tradition that we will be starting this year – It is my Granddads birthday on the 28th December so I will be going to the crem and laying down a red rose for him. Speaking of my Granddad here are 1,000 words about him.

So, those are some of my Christmas traditions – I’ve probably forgotten some of the smaller things I do but in a nutshell this is it.

Tell me your traditions in the comments below!

Merry Christmas all. 

Love, Georgina x  

One thought on “Christmas Traditions

  1. So lovely to read and so much love just wish I only had a little of that to have made my live worth it but my love is with you all that will never change xxxxxxxxx


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