November Favourites | 2019

I know my November favourites is a little late (it is mid-december after all)…

But it has been a busy month and I am coming through the other end of a nasty chest infection, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet – here’s my favourite things from November 2019 plus an honorable mention…

*This post contains affiliate content* 

These beautiful headbands from Amazon 

I got these on a whim, the price and reviews swayed me. I’ve never been one to wear headbands but recently I find myself drawing to them more and more! These headbands are comfortable, good quality and only £8.99 for SEVEN headbands…  Get them for yourself or for a friend, they are 100% worth it.

My new staple mini skirts from New Look Curves  

These types of skirts are not normally my style but I saw these on sale for £6 each in black and tan and I got one in each colour, and was pleasantly surprised! The style suited me, the only pitfall was the waist was a little baggy but a quick nip in at the waist with a stitch fixed that. Definitely worth the sale price and they have plenty in stock!

Costa: Irish Velvet & Cream Latte 

On my commute to work I pass the local garage and they have a costa machine in there and bleary eyed me at 7am loves a good coffee and recently I noticed that they updated the options to include an Irish Velvet & Cream Latte… it is smooth and tastes like I’ve whacked a whisky in my coffee (but without the alcohol, so I can’t be judged at 7am for my drink choices).

When you’re passing a costa , give it a go before it goes off the menu – it is a great alternative seasonal drink.

Plus size tights from Dorothy Perkins 

I sometimes find it hard to get tights that fit correctly because if you go up a size they just made the tights longer which doesn’t really help. I heard that Snag tights are good but I was in a pinch so I got some from Dorothy Perkins Curve section and they are fantastic and fairly priced –  £8 for 2 pairs, and they fit and wash like a dream. I’ve actually started wearing more dresses and skirts because of them!

Polaar: Moisturising Body Balm 

I first came across Polaar and their Genuine Lapland range through a hand cream in a Birchbox and I fell in love with the smell and the feel of the product which encouraged me to start searching for other products from the range and I stumbled across their moisturising body balm and it is the bomb! A little pricey but a little goes a long way. If you’re in the UK I would suggest getting this from Amazon as shipping from the Polaar website can be expensive.

And finally, my honorable mention is a new Christmas song that took a few listens to get into but now its a certified bop…

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