Hogwarts In The Snow | A Magical Adventure

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

For my birthday back in August, Aiden got me tickets to go see Hogwarts in the Snow and I was over the moon when he gave them to me. Not only did he get me the tickets but he got me the digital audio tour and the souvenir guidebook!

So from August till November, I waited patiently for the day to come and finally, it arrived! We set out early – the drive is only an hour and 40 but we wanted to grab breakfast on the way and get there in plenty of time.

BRB off to Hogwarts for the day…

I first went to the Studio Tour a few years ago and I genuinely had the best time! But so much had changed since I last went that it was going to be like a whole new adventure – plus it was going to be Christmassy!!!

Here’s a picture of me really happy, in the snow… (it’s not real!!)

To make the day ‘authentic’ we spent the whole drive to the venue listening to Christmas bangers and in some cases singing along at the top of our lungs. Here’s the playlist in case you were wondering.

When we arrived, parking was simple and easy with plenty of attendants and signposts of where to go, so if you’re thinking of driving there then this isn’t an issue. But if you would rather get public transport there is a really cool Harry Potter dedicated bus that will take you to and from the train station… and while it’s not the Knight Bus, it is unmissable.

Speaking of the Knight Bus…

The Knight Bus and a very smiley Georgina

Upon approaching the building you see the iconic wizard chess pieces, of course, I had a picture in front of these…

Yes , I am wearing a Slytherin scarf…

This was all familiar to me as it was the same as when I had last gone, but once I entered the building that was when things really began to seem different. The entry is cavernous with a replica Gringotts dragon hanging from the wall and a massive Christmas tree drawing everyone to the corner.

Tree goals

Within the entry hall is an entrance to the gift shop, which seems to have doubled in size, and then the purple of the Frog Cafe catches your eye and you venture further inside. We got hot chocolate and a brownie, both of which were absolutely amazing. The hot chocolate was like liquid chocolate and came topped with real whipped cream and a mini chocolate frog,  and the brownie was dusted in gold and accessorised with a Gringotts chocolate coin – it was all so indulgent I think I cried a little bit…

The time came for us to join the line to enter the tour so we got our headphones ready and slowly made our way through the winding waiting area to the main doors where the tour starts. Even this part of the day wasn’t boring – the walls were adorned with lifesize and 3D pictures of the characters and buildings throughout Harry’s seven years at Hogwarts – including a Privet Drive sign…

Once through to the introduction you are asked to turn off camera’s and we watched an introduction by an amazing member of the team who fell in love with the magic and came out of retirement to work on the tour!! I found that so heartwarming and in line with the magic that Harry Potter has bought to all our lives over the years.

Then you troop on through to the cinema room (again no cameras) a joke is made about watching all eight films and is followed by a wave of laughter from the group. The lights dim and you watch a short introduction with Emma, Daniel, and Rupert, then the screen lifts and there you are facing the magnificent doors to the great hall.

The guide calls on anyone who’s birthday it may be and they get to open the doors – unfortunately, Aiden wouldn’t let me put my hand up, though it was technically a birthday present!

Here I am at my first flying lesson ‘UP’

Once into the hall, you are swept away by the magic! From the yule ball recreation (especially for Christmas), to the witches flying around the tops of the towering Christmas trees and the puddings on the tables… and all at once I felt like a child and I wanted to explore everywhere and touch everything – and this is where I started taking all the pictures (366 to be exact) but I whittled them down and here are some of my favourites…

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