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I think I spend the better half of November and the start of December thinking about whom I am going to buy Christmas gifts for and most importantly what I am going to buy them – I am not a fan of the ‘just get them a body spray set’ mentality and if I’m honest I have several gathering dust in the cupboard from last year!

One personal gift with a lot of thought put into it with a box of my favourite chocolates is (to me at least) the perfect Christmas gift, so I like to be thoughtful when choosing gifts and here is some inspiration for when you’re feeling lost on what to buy this festive season…

Buy a star, a title, or a piece of the moon

The idea of this Christmas gift is just lovely, I think it gives the receiver a sense of being ‘special’ with either a decorative title, a star named after them or owning a piece of the moon?!

  • Name a star here*
  • Find out more about decorative titles here
  • Or snag a little piece of the moon here*

Now not all of this may be legit, but it is a lovely thought and I recently named a star after my dad and he was over the moon with it – pun 100% intended

Tickets of any kind 

Who says a Christmas gift needs to be fulfilled during the festive season?! If you know someone’s favourite musician, comedian, or show is coming to a venue near you in the future why not snatch up some tickets and pop them in a fancy envelope and voila… A ready-made gift!

Christmas 2018 I got my mum tickets to the Royal Ballet in Birmingham and she was over the moon with them! We didn’t go till later in 2019 but it gave her something to look forward to and enjoy when the moment came (I also did the same for mother’s day). My boyfriend got me tickets for my Birthday (which is in August) to go to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour and these tickets were for November 2019 – it is a formula that can be used for every occasion but I especially like it as a Christmas gift as it extends the magic!

Favourite song lyric print

I stumbled across these fantastic prints on Not on the High Street and I thought they are perfect for any music lover you want to buy a Christmas gift for! I can imagine them with an all-time favourite song or a first dance song… The possibilities are endless and they won’t break the bank.

The stars when you first met

Similar to the soundwave above I love the idea of this as a Christmas gift (or anniversary gift!) – this is a personalised print of the sky over a certain area where two people first met. But it doesn’t have to just be for that it could be the sky the day someone was born or the day they got married. I just think this is lovely gift and I have an idea of for whom and when I will getting one in the future!

Personalised date key ring

I love the idea of this gift and I actually got one for my dad on father’s day with my birthday and the quote ‘the day you became my best friend’. I am so happy that my relationship with my parents is so strong, I truly am lucky.

Anyway, this is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who wants to highlight an important date and the quality is fantastic! Anyone else love the smell of leather? Just me? Ok then…

Experience Days

Always a favourite for anyone who likes to go out and do something new or something exciting, or if you just want to get someone a Christmas gift that is something a little different… I recent got a Gin and Whiskey distillery experience day in the Cotswolds and I am SO excited to drink all the gin! I’ve even booked a cute little apartment so we can stay over the night.

This is where my experience day was purchased from.

Anything from their Amazon wish list

If you know someone who uses their amazon wish list for what is it meant for then go and take a browse! This will be full of great ideas of thing that they actually want so you can guarantee that your Christmas gift will be a hit – this is also a great idea for secret Santa gifts!

I personally don’t use mine (I should but I don’t), I do however have several lists full of gift ideas for other people, so if anyone wants to buy my mum a present… you know where to look. While you’re at it… Amazon Prime has a 30 day free trial and with Christmas approaching you’ll never know how much you’ll treasure that free next day (or same day) delivery option.

A subscription box

1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months… you can really make Christmas stretch for the whole year with a gift like this! There is a huge amount of subscription boxes you can get so there really is something for everyone – I used to get the likes of Glossybox and Look Fantastic (p.s save £5 on your first order here) and I called them little boxes of happiness each month so you can see the power they can have as a Christmas gift, especially if you choose the right one for the right person.

From beauty to beer, to socks and stationery… the choices are endless.

This nifty little website lets you search by category, occasion, who for and price – give it a browse, if you don’t find something for someone else you’ll be sure to find something for yourself.

Get crafty

Can you knit? Sew? Crochet? Paint? Hold a glue gun? Compile stuff in a box?

Well then you could make someone the perfect personal Christmas Gift! I found this fantastic list on Good Housekeeping that has everything from chunky blankets to BBQ kits, and bath bombs.

Image by Tesa Robbins from Pixabay

Take a look through their 60 DIY Christmas Gifts for some ultimate inspiration.

When in doubt… ask them what they want!

If the whole idea is more thoughtful Christmas gifts and less ‘tat’ and you’re stuck for ideas then get some inspiration from the people themselves. Just boldly ask them what they would like for Christmas and then you have a good starting point for whatever you decide to buy. For example, this year my mum wants PJ’s and my dad wants socks, and Aiden… well he wants ‘I dunno’.

Remember this whole list is just to get you thinking about what you can buy someone without having to break the bank or buy a bunch of ‘tat’. That being said if you like anything from the list I won’t be mad that I have inspired you!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite gift ever is that you have received at Christmas – I look forward to reading them!

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