October Favourites – 2019

October has been an exciting month… I got made permanent at my place of work, I smashed my first Zumba class, went to see the Joker at the cinema (if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you go immediately!), I started a new year of study with the Open University, and booked a holiday for next year!

After a great month here are some fab things from October 2019 that I have discovered/love that I want you to know about….  

Hair Wavers

I stumbled across these hair wavers on Amazon and for £16.98 (affiliate link).

Hair Wavers

Because of the low price, I was dubious of how good they would be – but the reviews swayed me and in my basket they went! As with Amazon Prime Same Day they arrived by 7pm that day so I was able to try them around eight hours after purchase.


Here’s a picture of me after using them…


P.S if you don’t have Amazon Prime – use the 30 days free to see what you think, I wouldn’t be without it now!

Mary Berry’s Chicken Bake Recipe 

I enjoy cooking and I often make a meal for the family that always go down a treat – and recently I wanted to try something different. I needed the recipe to be easy to prepare, able to utilise stuff I already had in the cupboard, and simple to amend/substitute ingredients if needed.

After some googling I stumbled across this fab recipe by Mary Berry for a chicken pasta bake that was so good!

I amended some of the recipe to suit our taste:

  • Instead of paprika I used mixed herb
  • I fried the chicken with garlic
  • Added tomato puree to the sauce
  • Used grated cheddar as well as parmesan
  • Left out the onions completely

Even Aiden liked it – and he’s one of the fussy-est eaters I have met… or as he likes to say ‘I know what I like and what I don’t, that’s not fussy’

Here’s my slightly naff picture of my ingredients that didn’t make the cut for instagram, we were also to excited to try the bake so I didn’t get a picture of the finished product!

Christmas mugs!

For anyone who follows me on social media (if you don’t why aren’t you?!) then you would have seen my post about some stunning Christmas mugs that are being sold at Tesco for only £4! They have gold accents and your initial on them!

I love anything with my initial on so I was drawn these on a spiritual level… I nearly got one but I’m trying a new thing to stop impulse buying where I wait a month or two before purchasing anything once I’ve seen it, so I’m counting down the days till I can get one.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link to the mug online but I did take a picture when I was in store so I can remember what I’m looking for.

And a honorary mention of my favourite song this month…

Sun Queen by Gerry Cinnamon.

Go and give it a listen, it’s a belter…

What has been a highlight of your month?

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