7 Winter-Inspired Cocktails I Can’t Wait to Try

Every year; me, my boyfriend (Aiden), my cousin (Mary-Kate), and her boyfriend (Jason) all get together and have an early Christmas.

What is an ‘Early Christmas’ I hear you ask?

Well, we get together about a week before Christmas, exchange presents, have a mini Christmas dinner, listen to festive tunes, and always wear something Christmasy!

Here’s a picture from last year!

L-R: Mary-Kate, Jason, Aiden, Me

You can follow Mary-Kate’s Instagram here.

It is a great night and something that goes in the calendar about now (we all know how busy that time of year is!) and this year I want to try something different – I want us to try our hand at cocktail making at this little soirée, so I have put together 7 winter-inspired cocktails that I want us all to try and make. I’ll be sure to post an update on how it went down.

Oh, before you start; these are my favourite martini glasses. Affordable and high quality, I lost count of the amount of expresso martini’s I had in these on my birthday! (Affiliate link)

Take a browse and let me which ones tickle your taste buds…

  1. Fireball Hot Toddies

Starting off with something simple and I know Jason will love!

Picture Credit: John Komar

I found this recipe on Delish.

  1. Winter Pimm’s Punch

Apparently, Pimm’s isn’t just for summer! I’m very fond of a pitcher of Pimm’s in the summer so this one intrigues me.

Picture Credit: BBC Food

You can find the recipe on BBC Food.

  1. Winter Paloma

Myself and Mary-Kate are MASSIVE fans of tequila – so I had to find a winter-inspired tequila cocktail and I think I have found a winner!

Picture Credit: VinePair

This recipe is by Emily Saladino and I found it on Vinepair.

  1. The Tanqueray Almond

Tanqueray is one of my favourite gin brands (and it recently made an appearance on my September Favourites post), and almonds are one of my favourite snacks so this cocktail sounds like a snack to me!

Picture Credit: The Spruce Eats

You can follow the recipe on The Spruce Eats.

  1. A Scotch Martini

Aiden is a whiskey lover – he even has a whiskey shelf (it’s now spreading to two!) so I found this classic with a twist that would be right down his alley. Swapping out the vermouth in this classic with a whiskey of choice is the main difference – just make sure the glass is frozen!

Picture Credit: Tim Nusog

I stumbled across this recipe on Liquor.com

  1. Jack Frost

It wouldn’t be winter-inspired without Jack Frost, and this cocktail is sure to nip at your nose! I found a really easy recipe on The Blond Cook. You could even make it a mocktail and call it the Elsa.

Picture Credit: The Blond Cook

Try it out for yourself!

  1. Candy Cane Cocktail

I thought this would be the perfect cocktail to round off this list – it isn’t Christmas without a candy cane! We always put them on our tree (along with those little golden coins), I love the peppermint taste and the sweetness. The recipe I found also includes strawberry vodka – a combination I need to try!

Picture Credit: Martha Stewart

You can see Martha Stewart’s recipe here.

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