Organisation, Productivity & Me

Lately I’ve realised that forming good habits and maintaining them over time can yield some fantastic results – and I have a lot to organise. Like what? I hear you ask…

Well, I currently work as an Email Marketing Assistant aiding the management and implementation of four email channels, I am enrolled with the Open University studying towards a BA in Business Management and Marketing, and I also manage this nifty little blog along with (somewhat) of a social and family life.

Creating the perfect balance has taken a fair amount of trial and error, believe me there has been some trips to the toilet to have a little cry – but overall, I think I have found the perfect tricks to keep me in check and some that I will be trying out, and I want to share these with you guys.

By no means do I think this will solve everyone’s problems, we all work and think differently, but if you see something you like – give it a go! You might surprise yourself.

All your to-do list dreams in one notebook!

This wicked little notebook has been a god send – you have a double page for each day where you can add notes, meetings and the all-important to-do list! I use this daily and it has really helped me in breaking down my workload into manageable chunks.


I start by noting down the daily tasks I need to do that are a staple then my other tasks get noted down (even the smallest ones!) – I tick them off as I complete them and love the sense of achievement when the little ticks start appearing throughout the day.

At the end of each day I always take 10 minutes to do my list for the next day – I start with the staples then highlight the tasks I didn’t get a chance to do and move these over to the next day with a priority star – this sets me up for the next morning knowing exactly where I am and what I need to get on with.

You can grab your own from Amazon (I’ve already got a spare one for when this one runs out!).

The straw that broke the camels back


I cannot stress this one enough, I have tried to juggle 10 tasks at once and all I’ve ended up with is egg on my face. Take a step back, take a breath, and finish the task at hand – signed, sealed, and off to the next one!

Calendars are your friend

With university deadlines and social commitments my weekends and spare time all blur into one – but by using my phones calendar I always know where I am and what I’m doing. It’s also a great help for when someone’s trying to get you out on a big night out and you’ve got a deadline two days before!

My boyfriend uses me as his personal calendar, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve got a text saying ‘we got anything planned on such-a-such a date?’.

My mum keeps a paper calendar on the wall where she writes what everyone is up to that week, stuff like; what shift dad is on, what I’m up to, and birthdays etc. she loves to keep it up to date – I guess that’s her little bit of advice if you’ve got a house full of people dashing all over the place.

0 unread emails

This is one that I could learn from myself! A tidy inbox is a tidy mind. At work I flag and file at least twice a day and ensure that everything is up to date – I hate that feeling of dread when half your inbox is red! My personal inbox however is currently at 6,914 unread emails (I’m just… sorry).

My next goal will be to de-clutter that mess and maybe unsubscribe from a few mailing lists…

Sleep isn’t just for beauty

Getting a good night’s sleep can do wonders, and my sleep is also crazy sporadic – but having a good night-time routine can help get your body and mind ready for bed.

By having a specific routine that you do every night lets you know that it’s time to un-wind and relax. This is something that I will be trying and here are the steps that I’m going to be following:

  • Remove make up, shower, and all those other hygiene bits
  • Face mask or some other pamper thing (to treat myself once or twice a week!)
  • Pick out my outfit for the next day
  • Pack my bag for the next day
  • Set my alarm(s) – I love a good snooze
  • Put my phone down/ switch my laptop off!!!!
  • Grab a book and read for an hour or so
  • Lights out

So, those are my tips and also a few bits that I’ll be trying to make myself more organised and productive. Let me know in the comments what tips and tricks you use!

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